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Please take a closer look at our Unifire, Uniflex, Unitech and Unimar sub-branded products that we have included in our product range; after examining our new products, please benefit from the most appropriate options you need...
Power Cables
06/1 Kv Low voltage cables suitable for use underground and on surface under difficult conditions.
Control Cables
Control Cables are used in areas such as feeding systems with flexible structure, industrial installations and entertainment industry.
Fire Resistant Cables
In long-term fires, Toxfree (non-poisonous) Plus ZH cables continue to conduct electricity.
Audio And Video Cables
Provides high flexibility, low attenuation and precise audio and video transmission.
Coaxial Cables
Coaxial Cables are designed with minimum parasitism and weakness as well as external parasitic protection.
Security And Camera Cables
In CCTV system installation, these cables which can provide high image quality are preferred.
Plug Cables


As Unal Cable, along with our energy, low voltage and plug cable products which have proven their reliabilities and manufactured complaint to standarts, we are now one of the most important manufacturers and service-providers in the global OEM industry with our specifically designed OEM products.
To give better service in this line of work, our experted engineers in both OEM and IT departments are now developing a software called "portakal©", which has nearly come to complete. In this new era, new OEM products will be developed better with the help of portakal©. You can get more information by contacting our sales team.

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